Why shouldn’t you overload a skip bin?

Skip hire is relatively inexpensive, and many different types of skips are available. You can choose between open top skips, closed top skips and even mini skips depending on what size and type of waste you need to dispose of.

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Why should you avoid overloading a skip bin?

Overloading a skip bin is a very common practice, but it’s one that can cause you some serious problems.

Why? Because by overloading your skip bin, you’re not only putting yourself at risk for injury or damage to your property, but you’re also likely to end up with a much higher bill from the skip bin hire company.

  • Skip Bin Hire Companies Have Limits

The first reason why you shouldn’t overload a skip bin is that many skip bins hire companies to have limits on how many cubic metres of waste can be placed into their bins. This is for safety reasons; if your skip bin gets too full, it could tip over and cause injuries or damage. 

  • The bin will be more likely to fall over if it’s overloaded. 

If this happens, there is a risk that someone will get injured. The skip’s contents could spill out onto the road or surrounding areas, causing damage and obstructing other vehicles passing by. It may also obstruct the road which could cause an accident if another vehicle runs into the pile of rubbish.

  • Extra Charges Levied

You’ll pay more for an overloaded skip than for one that isn’t overloaded because more waste will be left behind. If you overfill up your bin, then you could get charged extra fees from your skip company.

How to properly load a skip bin?

The most important thing to remember when loading a skip bin is that you must pack it in such a way that the weight of the load is evenly distributed across the base of the skip. This ensures maximum utilisation of the skip bin.

  • Avoid overfilling the skip bin

One of the frequently asked questions about skip bins is- How to avoid overfilling a skip bin?

Overfilling the skip bin can cause it to tip over while transporting it and could even result in damage to your property. Make sure that there is enough room in the bin so that there is no risk of overloading or tipping over while moving it around.

  • Make sure it’s safe

If using an unsafe load could cause damage or injury to people or property, then it may not be allowed in skips. For example, car batteries are not allowed in our skips due to their acid and hazardous nature.

  • Know the limit

When using a skip, it is important to know how to safely load it. Your skip needs to be filled within the edges of the bin so do not overfill. On most skips, there’s a red ‘fill line’ that indicates where you should stop filling. Always check first to make sure you’re not too far over the mark.

  • Choose the right size

The best way to ensure that your skip bin is not overfilled is to choose a size that fits your needs. If you have too much material to fit into the skip, consider renting two or more bins instead of just one. This will also help reduce costs because most companies charge by weight after a certain amount has been reached.

  • Organised loading

Put heavy items first so that they are near the bottom and closer to the ground level when you fill it with lighter material like soil or sand. Placing heavier materials on top of lighter ones can cause them to spill out when they are lifted into position by machinery or lifted by hand. Placing heavy items at the bottom will keep them contained within the bin while allowing easier access for placing lighter materials on top of them.

  • Plan ahead

The first thing you need to do is plan out exactly what you want to put into your skip bin. This will help you to make sure that everything fits and there are no surprises when you arrive on site.

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