How much does it cost to hire a skip bin in Melbourne?

The cost to hire a skip bin is determined by how much waste you want to clear and what type. Skip bin hire prices vary according to their size. When you choose the correct sized skip bin, you could save a considerable amount of money and hassle.

How much does a skip bin cost in Melbourne?

If you have just pruned the garden and need to dispose of a few large tree branches and some grass clippings, mini skip bins are an ideal size. They are also great for internal spring cleaning projects, such as getting rid of mountains of wastepaper. These bins can hold up to 2 cubic metres (the equivalent to 8 household rubbish bins supplied by your local council) and cost around $280.

To hire a medium-sized bin costs between $350 and $400. This type of bin would be suitable for clearing out a house. Don’t know where to get rid of those old rugs? Can’t find anyone who wants your grandmother’s ancient dining room table? What about that old ladder and those rusty saws at the back of the tool shed? They can go all go into a medium-sized skip bin!

Skip bin hire costs for larger bins can be as high as $900, so be absolutely sure you need one that size. Designed for heavy materials such as timber, bricks, concrete and scrap metals, these bins are suitable for the sort of waste you would expect to find on a demolition site or a large construction job. Perfect if you’re a builder, but a waste of money if you’re a homeowner.

What Are the Factors That Affect the Cost of Hiring a Skip Bin?

You will need to consider a few other things when working out the cost to hire a skip bin.

Permits and regulations

For domestic use, skip bins are placed on nature strips or footpaths outside the front of the house, which is public land. Therefore, before hiring a skip bin, you will need to apply to your local council for permission and check their rules and regulations. If you require a skip bin for your business, you may need to check with your local council about permits, regulations and taxes.

Transportation of skip bins

As skip bins need to be transported from the hire place to where you need it, it is preferable to find a skip bin hirer near where you are located. Otherwise, you could be in for high transport costs. There also may be extra labour costs that the skip bin hirer doesn’t include in their quote that you will have to factor in.

Type of waste to be disposed of

The type of rubbish you want to get rid of will also affect your skip bin hire costs. Grass clippings are much easier to dump into a skip bin than concrete slabs, and there are specially designed skip bins for each.

Length of time needed for hire

Of course, how long you want to rent the bin will play a part in your hiring expenses – the longer you need the skip bin, the more it will cost. What happens if you need the skip bin longer than agreed? Does the bin hirer add a daily surcharge, or will you have to renegotiate a new hire period? Do your sums in advance, because a rental renewal may be more expensive than a daily surcharge.

Get the right sized skip bin

Although we’ve mentioned bin size earlier, we must emphasise that you need to evaluate carefully the size bin you need to hire. For instance, you may estimate that you need a small-sized skip bin. Then you discover that you have more rubbish and need to hire another one, or you are not sure that you will need just one, so you hire two just in case.

Two small skip bins will usually cost more than a medium-sized one because collecting a group of smaller skip bins will mean multiple trips. Now there’s waste, not just in the skip but in time and money. A correct estimate of the right sized skip bin will save you both.

Want to know more about the cost of hiring a skip bin?

If you have no idea what size skip bin to hire or need advice on the most suitable size for your skip bin, give us a call at Melbourne Skip Bin Hire. We are here to discuss your needs and alert you to possible savings.

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