How Does Skip Bin Hire Work?

A common method for collecting trash is using skip bins. Skip bins make it easy and affordable to remove any garbage. However, if you’ve never considered hiring a skip, Melbourne Skip Bin Hire can assist you. It helps you in learning the basics of the skip-hiring process.

You could become confused by multiple options when ordering a skip bin for the first time. Before hiring a skip, you must know specific information to avoid mistakes. It may be necessary for you to be aware of waste disposal regulations. In addition, the size of the skip you require or the sort of garbage you have produced. You must carefully consider your needs and the garbage you must eliminate.  

Before Hiring a Skip Bin

Make yourself aware of what is a skip bin and several skip bin varieties available from Melbourne Skip Bin Hire. This can help you eliminate different kinds of garbage before you book a skip. Skip bins usually appear in two types: garden skip bins and junk skip bins. Green manure is dumped in the garden skip, while other home trash is thrown in the junk skip bin.

  • The Ideal Size Skip Bin For The Bathroom Remodeling Waste

Outdated cupboards, shower curtains, tiles, and sinks, are removal equipment from the bathroom while remodelling. Similarly, bathtubs and toilets are a usual procedure when remodelling a washroom. While a few of the equipment can appear bigger, bathrooms are normally the most compact spaces in a house. Therefore, you will require our 3 or 4-cubic-metre skip bin for this type of waste. 

  • The Ideal Skip Bin Size For The Kitchen Waste 

Choosing the ideal size of a waste bin for a kitchen can be challenging. That is because most of your daily household waste is produced in the kitchen. A skip size of 4 cubic metres is ideal for the disposal of daily kitchen waste. However, if you are remodelling your kitchen, a large-sized skip can fulfil your purpose. 

If you are still confused, don’t hesitate to call us, and we can guide you on hiring the right skip size for your kitchen waste. 

  • The Ideal Skip Bin Size For Relocation

You must eliminate things that don’t fit into the new location while relocating, including cardboard boxes, old clothes and kitchen utensils, broken furniture, and more. In this case, you might consider getting a bigger skip bin. 

However, you can get off with hiring a tiny skip bin within the 2- 4 cubic metre range if you are cleaning up normal trash during your relocation.

  • The Ideal Size Skip Bin For Garden Clean-ups

Removing huge logs, shrubs, tree branches and other objects from a large garden will help it compress more effectively. These objects are strong and hard to break down. Considering our advice, you can reduce garden trash as thoroughly as possible. However, hiring a skip bin of 6-8 cubic metres in size is a good idea to accommodate larger materials. These skip bins can accommodate the larger materials that are challenging to break down.

Benefits Of Hiring Skip Bins At Melbourne Skip Bin Hire

By hiring our garbage management solutions, you can maintain a clean, well-organised home in Melbourne. In addition, you can prevent stressing about alternative ways to remove undesirable items from your home.

Here is how hiring skip bins at Melbourne Skip Bin Hire can make your life super easy and convenient when it comes to waste disposal:

  • Hiring Us Is Easy 

One apparent reason many commercial and residential properties use our skip bins is the simplicity of hiring. We will arrange skip bins nearby if you contact us and explain our needs. You don’t need to perform an extensive investigation and enquire about the location of our nearest dump. Just call us, and we will send skip bins to your location to save time and energy. This eliminates having you travel to our store or business.

Contact our professionals at Skip Bin Hire Melbourne about your wants so we get more familiar with strategies to fulfil them. We have several kinds of skip bin products to provide. For instance, you may quickly eliminate all your garbage, including yard debris, construction waste, and regular home waste.

  • Environmentally Friendly

You will conserve funds by hiring a skip bin. In addition, it helps to keep the environment safe and secure. If you don’t use skip bins, there’s a possibility you don’t know the proper ethical techniques for garbage segregation. It will eventually harm the environment by adding to landfills. Waste disposal experts are available through skip bin rental companies. They are experts in separating recyclable, non-recyclable, and biodegradable products. They can also preserve reusable and recoverable items.

  • Safe Waste Management

Toxic materials handling and waste management both require safety practices. As a result, this makes them much more important. You must rent a skip bin since it is dependable and secure for your health. Containers are the places for throwing trash. However, our specialists will handle them when we leave your home. As a result, you can prevent toxic waste from entering your house and harming your entire family.

Note: We do not allow the disposal of harmful items like Asbestos, chemicals, fridges, etc. 

Our professionals guarantee that the task completes safely and securely. We are experts in garbage disposal methods, which is one of the reasons why you can rely on us. It includes employing the proper waste management techniques and wearing the required safety suits.

  • Offers A Variety Of Sizes

Skip bins come in many different sizes and designs. You can choose our skip bins, sized between 2 cubic metres to 8 cubic metres, depending on your needs. If you’re uncertain which size can accommodate your trash, contact us. We will help you choose the right bin and provide suggestions when you contact us. There are several alternatives available when renting skip bins. 

You can store the garbage until it is full and set to pick it up. We can come to pick up the garbage the next day or when you contact us. Alternatively, you can hire our single big bin and dispose of all of it at once.  

  • Conserves Both Time And Money

Booking a skip bin is the easiest, quickest, and most cost-effective method to eliminate trash. Additionally, you conserve time and labour by avoiding transferring your garbage to the disposal centre. As a result, it lessens the fuel consumption.

  • Simple To Operate

Utilising skip bins is straightforward. Without a doubt, you can do it on your own. But if you require assistance, our skip bin services can help. The bins have lids you must remove or momentarily open to throw your trash into them. When moving larger waste to the skip bins, you can use pushcarts, carts, or trailers for assistance. This is a simpler method to prevent yourself from using excessive energy. This lessens the burden of lifting heavy objects over the edges of the trash.


Getting a skip for the first time may seem difficult and perplexing. But this isn’t always true when working with Melbourne Skip Bin Hire experts. The rental procedure is the same whether you are hiring a skip for yard trash or business needs. Furthermore, our workers will handle most of the job per your requirements. 

You may now reserve a skip bin with us whenever you want. You may book a skip bin from the convenience of your home. This is due to the online reservation, which is available around the clock. Affordable and high-quality services can help you cut your garbage disposal expenditures. We occasionally provide a number of discounts for the advantage of the consumer.

To book your ideal skip, call us on 0423 666 007.