8 Tips for Choosing The Right Skip/bin Hire Company

When choosing a skip bin hire company, it should be determined based on what is right for you rather than ‘what is best in the market. Whether you need a reliable waste removal solution for your home, office, retail shop, restaurant or construction site, proper waste removal is not something you want to spend too much time and energy on. An informed decision of choosing a skip bin hire company that provides a comprehensive solution to your requirement is worth your efforts as it ensures long-term peace of mind.

Several essential factors you should take into consideration while choosing the right service provider:

  • Your daily waste removal needs
  • Type of waste
  • Your budget
  • Reliable services
  • Company’s recycling policies and a few more essential points.

So, here are tips for choosing the company for hiring a skip bin in Seaford and surrounding areas that suit your needs.

(1) Type of waste:

Being clear on what type of waste you need to dump regularly will help you choose the right service provider. Most companies provide skip bins for household waste. If you need skip bins for different types of waste, such as timber, bricks, furniture and appliances, metal, grass, tree trimmings, and more, then you should look for a company that offers a range of skip bins for these types of waste to avoid any problem in future.

(2) Bin/skip size:

You should decide the skip size based on the volume of garbage you generate. If you need a small bin for dumping household waste, 2-metre (L 1.8m x W 1.6m x H 1m) is the ideal size. More than that; you can go with 3-metre(L 2.4m x W 1.6m x H1m), 4-metre(L 2.8 x W 1.6m x H 1m), 6-metre(L 3.1m x W 1.6m x H 1.3m), or 8-metre(L 3.8m x W 1.6m x H 1.4m) bins. Calculate the bin size you will need and then go through the companies that offer different sizes of bins, and you should know whether there is a weight limit or not.

Select a little larger bin than you need to prevent overflowing. Transporting overflowing bins is illegal and should be avoided at all costs. The cost of the skip bin may vary based on the size.

(3) The cost of a skip hire in Melbourne and surrounding areas:

To avoid being overcharged, you should get quotes from several companies, compare their prices, and select the one that fits your budget. However, don’t go with the company offering the lowest cost on skip hire. Take other factors such as availability of the right size of bins, weight limits, customer, support, company acceleration, and locality. 

To know how much a skip bin hire costs in Melbourne, take a look:

(4) Check qualifications:

While looking for a company for hiring skip bins, consider one that has a team of qualified employees. Check whether the staff is fully insured and trained. The professionals should have the proper training to take necessary precautions, such as using appropriate tools and follow the required guideline while removing garbage from the site.

(5) Customer support:

A reliable skip bin company responds promptly to their customers’ queries. You should be able to contact their professionals and get a solution as fast as possible. A trained team can resolve your problem quickly and cause you minimum trouble.

(6) Waste removal policies:

Global warming and climate change are the major issues in front of humanity. Improper waste disposal severely affects the earth and should be avoided at all costs. While choosing a company for skip bins, you should check their waste removal policy. The company should recycle the majority of the collected waste and must not dump it into landfills. Recycling waste reduces carbon monoxide released into the air, greenhouse gases, and toxins. Additionally, recycling waste is also good for the economy.

(7) Reputation:

A company with a decent record of providing excellent customer satisfaction will rarely disappoint you with their service quality. You can refer to a few testimonials from the company’s website and check different social media platforms for authentic reviews.

(8) Bin placement:

Before you determine where to place the bin on your property, you should consult your supplier and ensure a convenient spot. You need to ensure that the pick-up vehicles can access the skin bin conveniently.

Eco-friendly junk removal and skip bins hire in Carrum Downs:

Considering our current environmental conditions, it’s time we put individual efforts into minimising the effects of climate change. Proper garbage management is a need of our time. At Melbourne Skip Bin Hire, we strictly follow the government’s guideline and keep our junk removal process eco-friendly. Whether it’s light domestic and commercial waste, green garden waste, or mixed heavy waste, such as demolition, construction and renovation, you get our eco-friendly junk removal service in just four easy steps:

Step 1: Enter your postcode

Step 2: Select the bin size

Step 3: Select your waste type

Step 4: Select dates and get free quotation

We ensure guaranteed next day delivery of your skip bin across Melbourne.

When it comes to Eco-friendly junk removal and skip bins hire, you need an expert that operates with the goals of reduce, reuse, and recycle. A clean environment significantly improves the quality of our food and overall health. You should ensure that you put the right waste in the right bin for a smooth waste removal experience.


Now that you know all the essential points for choosing the right company for hiring skip bins in Chelsea, you can make a sound decision. You can contribute to the better environment by choosing the right company. Whether you are looking for skip bins for residential, commercial, or industrial waste removal, consider these points. Choose a company that provides a tailored solution to your rubbish removal needs. Ensure that you have the right size bin. Look for a reputed company with excellent customer support service. And above all, check their waste removal techniques and recycling policies.