4 Right Ways to Fill Your Skip Bin

Skip bins come in different sizes, and the question arises, “how much rubbish can it take?”

We are often faced with the question of what can and cannot go in a skip bin and how to fill them right for maximum utility. Well, Melbourne Skip Bin

Hire experts are here to clear your doubts regarding the right ways to fill your skip bin.

We notice, incorrectly filled bins can lead to a lot of mess as the waste is not compacted, and there is a lot of extra space in the bin, which is a total waste of money. In addition, most skip bin hire companies in Highett charge an extra fee if the waste is not separated properly.

Here are some points to understand how to fill a skip bin correctly:

1. Do not overload the bin:

It’s common that residents tend to overload a container, assuming they can make the most out of the available bin. However, overloaded bins are more likely to end you up in paying additional fees for the extra load.

2. Don’t forget about safety and pack the bin efficiently:

Always wear gloves when handling rubbish as some of them can be dangerous as well as infectious for your health. Also, it is advisable that you start by packing heavy and bulky items first. You might be able to fit some odd-sized items such as chairs and dressers along the bottom edges of your bin due to the plastic rails. On the top, you can have lighter items to optimally fill the bins.

3. Don’t mix different types of waste:

Segregating waste makes it easier to dispose of the waste as there is no confusion as to what can and cannot be recycled. Mixing different types of waste creates a mess and makes it difficult to dispose of the waste after collection as it cannot be recycled properly. It also helps you reduce how much waste you produce as a byproduct, which in turn helps the environment.

Thus, mixing waste can create a mess and make it difficult to dispose of after collection as it cannot be recycled properly. This might not have anything to do with your skip bin hire company but it’s not an efficient way of rubbish removal.

4. Do not leave any items outside the skip:

Skipping is an eco-friendly method of disposing of rubbish, so make sure that you don’t leave any items out on the street or footpath as it attracts pests and other vermin, which result in spreading diseases. Thus, it’s best to place them in the bin and avoid any kind of hassle.

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